As I've felt before
It's always the same
I can't argue anymore
I've known since that day
I've known what kind of feeling it is
Do you know?
I've ever said that I really didn't want to feel a feeling that really waste my time for this 3 years.
But, that's a feeling that I can't deny.
But, that's a feeling that come to me without any invitation
yes, you've come (again)

But today, I'm not my self in the past.
no more wasting my time just for a small thing like that.
There's Allah who is bigger than a thing like that
He's really the turner of  heart
I lay my heart on Him.

I promise this's the first and the last post for this thing in this era.
I just didn't know, what should I do with this feeling..
Today, 00.05 am, I really can't sleep because of this.
I think that I should tell it to someone/something to make it clear.
So, I decide to open my blog.

And, sorry for my little 'baper' (?)

Good Night :)
Sleep Well :)


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