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I've ever told to make a posting, special for my new family in the other country. And now because I am really bored with all of my tasks, I think I should fill my bored time with another useful activity and I decide to continue my writing about this.
Oke, as I've ever posted I have stayed about a month in one Thai lecturer's house. She is a chemistry lecturer at one university in Lopburi, Thailand. The first time I met her, I knew she was very charming from her way in starting the first chat with me, and us as a stranger.
She has a husband who is a lecturer too in one of the best university in Thailand. I remembered that they were a couple since they studied in New Zealand and finally, they got married and now they have 2 cute daughters and the important thing the readers should know is, I really miss them a lot :(.
Almost 30 days I stayed with them, gave me so much valuable things that really can't buy it everywhere, about education, their story and sometimes we talk…

Till We Meet Someday :)

You deserve the whole universe
but I'm just a star.

A star that is trying to brighten your darkness
and still always keep shining even when the darkness has gone.

I know, that's not enough for me just being a star that only brightens up your night.
and I promise someday, I will grow up.

I will be a star that not only brighten up your night
but also I will brighten the whole universe with my own light

You're not the reason.
I do it because I love it.
I love to be useful for others.
I love to spread the love to others
I love to share my light with others.
I love to see other's shine because of my light.
And I love to do the best that I can.

One thing that I know is
If you're destined for me
One day, my light will brighten up your night as well
Even will be brighter than before
And you will know then,

I've done my best
Of course, it's for me
and moreover

It's for you,
Who has been destined for me
in every up and down
in every darkness and serenity

I w…

Catatan Kecil di Salah Satu Pojok Negeri Tercinta

Gumantar, desa yang terletak di kaki gunung Rinjani, adalah salah satu desa dari delapan desa yang ada di wilayah Kecamatan Kayangan Kabupaten Lombok Utara. Hingga sekarang, desa ini banyak meninggalkan beberapa situs sejarah yang penuh dengan nuansa adat istiadatnya, terutama yang berpusat di Dusun Dasan Beleq.
Desa yang hampir 95% penduduknya hidup dari hasil berkebun ini, mempunyai hasil kebun yang sangat melimpah. Di antara hasil kebunnya yang melimpah adalah pisang, kelapa, kopi, jambu mete dan kakao. Secara sosiokultural, masyarakat adat Dasan Beleq berkaitan erat dengan ajaran Islam. Hal ini bisa dilihat dari situs budaya yang ada, terus hidup dan berkembang sejalan dengan ritme kehidupan masyarakat setempat.
Bukti kearifan lokal yang masih terlihat jelas sampai saat ini di Desa Gumantar adalah adanya kampung adat yang terletak di Dusun Dasan Beleq. Hal ini yang menjadi pusat perhatian Desa, untuk mengembangkan potensi pariwisata dengan adanya Desa yang masih sangat mempertahanka…

Home is where your story begin

"Home is where your story begin"Pernah membaca postingan mengenai hubungan pertemananku, dari aku mulai mengerti arti penting kata 'pertemanan" di salah satu postinganku? mungkin postingan ini merupakan sedikit lanjutan dari postingan sebelumnya, bisa dilihat postingan ini.
Allah selalu mempunyai rencana untuk setiap pertemuan, begitu juga dengan pertemuan-pertemuan yang telah Allah rencanakan untukku. Jika pernah baca juga di salah satu postingan ku, aku pernah menuliskan bahwa Allah sangat baik karena dari zaman aku mencari jati diri, Dia telah mempertemukanku dengan orang-orang hebat yang tidak bisa ku ingkari sangat mempengaruhi perkembangan ku.

Ku rasa cerita bertemu dengan mereka sangat pantas jika ku posting di tempat penuh memori ini.
Berawal dari hobi menulis dan harapanku untuk tidak hanya sekedar menjadi mahasiswa yang kuliah pulang kuliah pulang, membuatku bertekad untuk mengikuti beberapa kegiatan saat menjadi mahasiswa. Hal ini yang membuatku mencari jati…

29 Days with SEA-Teacher Project : Teaching Practice and Evaluation Day

It's my time to teach the material that I've prepared before. I've made the lesson plan suitable with the topic that my mentor asked me to teach. But not only lesson plan, because I think I should prepare the media to make all the students easy to understand what I will teach in the class, later.  Well guys, and the day for me to teach was coming :D. I was really nervous that time, my mentors, Aj. Panin and Aj. May accompanied me in the class to help if something happened during the class. For the teaching practice, it was same like my lesson plan such as introduction, main activities, and closing. I taught Mathayom 6/1, 6/2 and 6/3 (in Indonesia it means grade 12 in senior high school) from 8.30-14.20. The first class that I taught is M. 6/1. How grateful I was because some of the teachers said that they’re the best class among others. There are 25 students in this class. Almost all of students in M. 6/1 are girls, there’re just 2 boys. I started my class by introducing mys…

29 Days with SEA-Teacher Project : Observation Day

I have spent 12 days since the first day I arrived in Thailand. The schedule for this week, after I did many activities to adapt to the environment around school and university, is doing an observation in class. This observation has been done to study about how are the students, the method that the teacher used to teach and everything about activities in class.

I observed many classes in order to make sure what method that was appropriate to do in a class.The main class that I observed was Aj. May and Aj. Panin's class. I got some tricks he

29 Days with SEA-Teacher Project : Orientation and Identification Day #2

One week has been left. This first week, the schedule is just an orientation for all the participants SEA-TEACHER project in TRU. I am placed in Demonstration School Thepsatri Rajabhat University or we can call it Satit Thepsatri. This school is not a public or a private school, but this school is built under the University. It's located in TRU too, so the accommodation is not too hard to find.

On wednesday, we had an opening ceremony and orientation in the central building of TRU. This time, after we knew our mentors, school director and the schedule, we're being guided by Aj. Lookhin, Aj. Wi and Aj. Nook, what thing that we do and don't during here. And also there's P' Dao here, the people behind an account in Line that has helped us everything..

My schedule for the first week in school was just meeting with my mentors, preparing for the lesson plan, doing some activity in school like the ceremony every morning and on Friday we held a Mother's Day Ceremony a…