29 Days with SEA-Teacher Project : Teaching Practice and Evaluation Day

It's my time to teach the material that I've prepared before. I've made the lesson plan suitable with the topic that my mentor asked me to teach. But not only lesson plan, because I think I should prepare the media to make all the students easy to understand what I will teach in the class, later. 
Well guys, and the day for me to teach was coming :D. I was really nervous that time, my mentors, Aj. Panin and Aj. May accompanied me in the class to help if something happened during the class. For the teaching practice, it was same like my lesson plan such as introduction, main activities, and closing. I taught Mathayom 6/1, 6/2 and 6/3 (in Indonesia it means grade 12 in senior high school)  from 8.30-14.20.
The first class that I taught is M. 6/1. How grateful I was because some of the teachers said that they’re the best class among others. There are 25 students in this class. Almost all of students in M. 6/1 are girls, there’re just 2 boys.
I started my class by introducing myself first then I called the students name, one by one. Because when we tried to know each other, the class will be done easily. Then, I started to explain the topic that day. I made some exercises in each subtopic to make sure the students understood what I just taught before and I asked them to help me to answer in front of the class and gave them a reward.
After I finished explaining the topic, I divided the class into 3 groups. They should work together to make a structure from the clay that the teacher gave.  Then, they should fill the worksheet and present it in front of the class.
The students were really nice because they really paid attention to me and understood what I’ve explained without my mentor translate what I’ve explained in Thai to them. Also, they worked together in the group, some of them made the structure and others filled the worksheet.
I did the same procedure to M.6/3 and M.6/2 there’re 29 and 26 students in each class, but there’re some differences from the first class. I got little bit shock because the first one is really calm and nice, but then I taught M.6/3. They’re little bit difficult to manage and so noisy. But some of them still paid attention to my explanation. Another thing what I got is, the classes in this school were divided based on the student’s ability. Because in M.6/3 I should try harder than the previous class to make sure all of them understood the topic that day. But for M.6/2, they’re easier to handle than M.6/3.

Overall, I taught depend on the situation. I will slower my explanation if the students need more time to understand. But for that situation, I just knew the real situation so I should adapt to that situation first. And then, all the students were nice because they cooperated with me although some of them are so noisy, that’s the challenge, right?
After that, all of the participants of SEA-Teacher project in TRU will be evaluated and there're closing ceremony when we performed our traditional song (Yamko Rambe Yamko) and another interesting thing was, we sang Indonesia National Anthem in front of all the lecturers in Thailand. How Proud we are!

Teaching Practice

Evaluatin and Closing Ceremony


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