Learn Everything from Everyone in Everywhere at Every Time

I've ever told to make a posting, special for my new family in the other country. And now because I am really bored with all of my tasks, I think I should fill my bored time with another useful activity and I decide to continue my writing about this.

Oke, as I've ever posted I have stayed about a month in one Thai lecturer's house. She is a chemistry lecturer at one university in Lopburi, Thailand. The first time I met her, I knew she was very charming from her way in starting the first chat with me, and us as a stranger.

She has a husband who is a lecturer too in one of the best university in Thailand. I remembered that they were a couple since they studied in New Zealand and finally, they got married and now they have 2 cute daughters and the important thing the readers should know is, I really miss them a lot :(.

Almost 30 days I stayed with them, gave me so much valuable things that really can't buy it everywhere, about education, their story and sometimes we talked about life. As time goes by, I've started to observe the way their filled their life, I did my mini observation here besides my real research, 555. I took notice the way they managed their time in working, taking care their daughters, taking care their house, the way they refreshed their mind, the way they honored their parents. 

At one time, she should be a wife for her husband and also a mother for her daughters, then she is a lecturer from all of her students, she is a vice dean in her faculty and the best thing from her is, she still be the best daughter for his father. I often saw she visited her father in the temple (at that time, her father be a monk after his promise when she can get a scholarship again to study abroad).

Until a time that I was really impressed with her and I said to myself, can I be like her when that time is coming, I should split myself in one time into a wife who should be the best wife for a husband and really honored him as a man who will lead my life into the next step. As a mother who should be the best mother and give every little thing for the children to prepare them to pursue the best future. As a worker, and also still be the best daughter for my parents and in that day, his parents too. 

That's not to be imagined, but if that time comes, I should have done with all my own problems, and I should be ready to face everything that will come. One thing that I emphasize here is, we can learn everything from everyone in everywhere at every time. Just don't close our eyes and our heart that we should take everything that good for our life from our surrounding and selective to everything that not proper to our life. As long as that thing is suitable to our truth, we can take it to upgrade ourself to be the best human that we should be.

The one who misses every little thing there,



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