29 Days with SEA-Teacher Project : Orientation and Identification Day #2

One week has been left. This first week, the schedule is just an orientation for all the participants SEA-TEACHER project in TRU. I am placed in Demonstration School Thepsatri Rajabhat University or we can call it Satit Thepsatri. This school is not a public or a private school, but this school is built under the University. It's located in TRU too, so the accommodation is not too hard to find.

On wednesday, we had an opening ceremony and orientation in the central building of TRU. This time, after we knew our mentors, school director and the schedule, we're being guided by Aj. Lookhin, Aj. Wi and Aj. Nook, what thing that we do and don't during here. And also there's P' Dao here, the people behind an account in Line that has helped us everything..

Aj. Lookhin, P' Dao, Aj. Wi, Aj. Nook, Mrs. Kanya

My schedule for the first week in school was just meeting with my mentors, preparing for the lesson plan, doing some activity in school like the ceremony every morning and on Friday we held a Mother's Day Ceremony and another thing that I should do is preparing my instrument to be tested in here.

I have two mentors, I can call them Aj. May and Aj. Nin. They're so kind, they asked me to choose the topic that I want to teach. I chose hydrocarbon, because of that, I will teach the highest class there, grade 12 or in Thailand we can call it Mathayom 6.

Aj. Nin, Me, Aj. May

All of the participants with Mentors

I and my friends have an office where we can talk and do some activity there. There's Ajarn Lookhin who always helps us when we need everything in Satit School. thank you so much.

SATIT's crew and Aj. Lookhin in the office

For praying Alhamdulillaah it's not really hard to find because there's a prayer room in the library on the 6th floor, it's about 10 minutes walking from Satit.

For next week, I will start to observe all chemistry class that's taught by Aj. May and Aj. Nin. So let's find some interesting thing in class tomorrow

see you on the next post, hehe, stay tuned 😉.


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