29 Days with SEA-Teacher Project : Observation Day

I have spent 12 days since the first day I arrived in Thailand. The schedule for this week, after I did many activities to adapt to the environment around school and university, is doing an observation in class. This observation has been done to study about how are the students, the method that the teacher used to teach and everything about activities in class.


Aj. Panin's class

Aj. May's class

I observed many classes in order to make sure what method that was appropriate to do in a class.The main class that I observed was Aj. May and Aj. Panin's class. I got some tricks here to make the students give attention to the teacher's explanation. Students were given a module that was still blank, teacher just write the main thing in the module, so when the teacher explained, the students wrote all of the teacher's explanation in the module. Also, the teacher gave some exercises in the module to. I took this method to teach the student next week.

When I observed Aj. May's class, I was surprised because of Aj. May told me to explain some question about the covalent bond in front of them, I've doubted because I didn't prepare anything before speaking in front of the class but Aj May supported me that I can, hehe thank you Aj. May :D (Aj = Ajarn, in Thailand, students call their teacher/lecturer with Ajarn)

In the last day of this week, Aj. Lookhin, Aj. Wi and P' Dao asked 10 of us to gather in the office, to evaluate our observation day and make sure that we have already made the lesson plan correctly. Thank you for guiding us until this day :D.

So I should prepare all things that I need because next week is my schedule to teach in a class. OK, let's push the limit! see you after Teaching Period! :D


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