Till We Meet Someday :)

You deserve the whole universe
but I'm just a star.

A star that is trying to brighten your darkness
and still always keep shining even when the darkness has gone.

I know, that's not enough for me just being a star that only brightens up your night.
and I promise someday, I will grow up.

I will be a star that not only brighten up your night
but also I will brighten the whole universe with my own light

You're not the reason.
I do it because I love it.
I love to be useful for others.
I love to spread the love to others
I love to share my light with others.
I love to see other's shine because of my light.
And I love to do the best that I can.

One thing that I know is
If you're destined for me
One day, my light will brighten up your night as well
Even will be brighter than before
And you will know then,

I've done my best
Of course, it's for me
and moreover

It's for you,
Who has been destined for me
in every up and down
in every darkness and serenity

I will do my best
to strengthen up your strength
to brighten up your night
to be the best for you

But for now,
I've done everything
just for upgrading my light
to be brighter for others
to be more useful for others

and, of course....
it will be useful for you too....

till we meet someday :)


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