Puzzle of Life

"Life is a giant puzzle. Every day we should keep khusnudzan to Allah. We should sure there is a beautiful plan behind the puzzle."
Someone ever told me that inspiring sentence. Sure. I agree with you till this day :).

Just like playing with a puzzle, we should collect all the part of the puzzle to make it complete. In the end, if we have done to arrange it, we will see what picture that the puzzle want to show us. We will see what is the puzzle meaning. We will know, our effort to make the puzzle complete is very worthed with the result.

The process to make it complete, will not always be easy. Sometimes, we really are easy to find the right part for the puzzle. At another time, we can feel desperate to find it. Or maybe, we already find one part of the puzzle, but we still can't use it because we should find the others first. In the end, everything that has been done to make it be a perfect puzzle, will can't be forgotten. We just accept it.

So does in our life. We do everything to make the puzzle of our own life perfect. To know how will it be if we have done everything. We also can't just let go away everything that has ever been our part of the puzzle. It will always be there, in the right place that ever been filled. Because one day, if we let it go away, our puzzle will not be perfect again. Failure, success, happy, sad, laugh, tears, their presence will put on us to get the perfect puzzle. They can't be forgotten, but they can make us being stronger, even tougher.

And also the shadow that you left behind me, thank you for making me tougher, I've never been this tough before.

Let's walk on each other's paths to find other pieces of our puzzle, then :).


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